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Moody Glacier National Park Intimate Wedding | Ashley + Sean

This stunning, moody day in Glacier National Parks gives us all the fall feels. Read on for more of Ashley and Sean's beautiful story. Photography by Aundrea Marie Photography.

"Sean and I lived in different towns in Montana and were living our own adventurous, independent lives at the time that we met. I received a random message on Facebook one evening from him stating that I was beautiful (I popped up under his people you may know and he said he had to take a shot and reach out), and normally I would say 'stranger danger' but I was intrigued by him as well. From that day on, we talked daily, and come to find out he was born in Michigan and I, Wisconsin – our midwest roots instantly bonded us. We would travel every other weekend from Billings to Bozeman to see each other and we immediately knew we were each other's forever person. A year later we got engaged; which was a total surprise! One of our friends from out-of-state was building up her photography portfolio and asked if we’d be interested in a little photo session while she was passing through to Washington and we both agreed – and I had no idea Sean was going to reach out and arrange to propose that day as well! We were in one of our favorite towns (Red Lodge), and to say I was shocked but so pleasantly surprised is an understatement. It was the perfect proposal.

The week leading up to the wedding there was smoke from wildfires all around (which living in Montana and it being that time of year came as no shock), and we were starting to worry if it was going to be too smoky outside for our wedding day in Glacier to enjoy the beauty around us. Lo and behold, the day of the wedding turned out to be clear skies and the perfect 70-degree day. We were surrounded by an intimate group of our loved ones, filled with so much love and excitement – the day couldn’t have been any more perfect. And to be perfectly honest, not even smoke would’ve ruined our day. We spent the evening exploring and hiking around Glacier in my wedding dress and heels and Sean in his suit – what an adventure that was! The day was so perfectly us and we relive it constantly in our minds and by looking back at the photos that were captured that day. –Ashley, the bride


Photography | Aundrea Marie Photography (#MBV)

Catering | Desoto Grill

Floral Design | Lunaria Flowers

Hair & Makeup | Glacier Beauty Co. (#MBV) & Alexandra at Sapphire Esthetics

Officiant | Evan Hansel

Reception Venue | The Patio


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