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Go on a speed date with Aundrea!

Neurodivergent // ADHD & ASD Superhuman // Excels under Pressure // Organized & Detailed // Professionally Unprofessional // Passionate // Irrational fear of spiders // Enneagram 1 // Taurus (if you’re into that) // Big Personality // Jeep Enthusiast // Deep Thinker // High Values // Chicken Rancher // Open Minded // Eccentric // Mother of 4 // Type A & B Personality // Constant Energy // Spontaneous // Montana Born & Raised

Photographs that I create don't lie, they're real moments and emotions! I will provide you with the best because that's all I have to offer.



• All Inclusive
• Full Day Documentation
• Custom Built Timelines
• Value Focused
• Documentary, Candid & Emotional

Aundrea's "photographer" title understates the adventure, consultation, and genuine joy she offers. If you're from out of state, if you're looking for a local experience and maybe some stylish photos too, then here's three reasons why you should reach out to Aundrea immediately. (We hired her for our engagement shoot, a 2021 wedding, and an interim covid-elopement).

1. We googled/knew the beauty surrounding Glacier, but we would never have known the 15-mile 4x4 trail + scenic mountaintop Aundrea suggested for our elopement. Aundrea drove us up in one Jeep, family/friends in a 2nd Jeep. Way beyond what you expect from your photographer and lots of fun. Apart from having a mountain top to yourself, the coolest part was the surprise our friends/family had. No one was expecting an overlanding adventure up the mountain. They all arrived smiling ear to ear.

2. Super consultative, responsive, and professional. We wanted to be out of view, wanted scenic, wanted our dog present, and didn't want to spend the entire day driving. So what does Aundrea do? She sent us an epic photo portfolio of options to consider. Mountain tops, rivers, fire lookouts, etc. We chose one and then she planned the entire day. Departure time, location, sunset, angles, etc. All hands off, well beyond expectation from a photographer.

3. She's rad, super cool, and has a warm personality. We vibe'd over music during our engagement shoot. She showed us the bars in Columbia Falls, and while we were 4x4'ing up the mountainside, she had a genuine excitement and conversation that really eased the moment for my fiancé and I.

Put it all together, we were lucky to find her and gracious for stories (& photos!) we'll have to share. Aundrea planned, organized, led and, of course, photographed everything. Without her, we would have made concessions. She's worth every dollar she charges for the photography alone. Her willingness to make your day beyond perfect is what makes her exceptional.

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