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Modern Spring Wedding At Sage Lodge

This incredible styled shoot at Sage Lodge in Pray, Montana, meant more than just pretty wedding pictures. Read on to find out why this couple flew across the country to visit Montana. Photography by Orange Photographie and planning by Beautifully Born Events.

Have you ever lost a family member? Immediately before, during or right after a monumental moment in your life? Maggie has. Maggie lost her father a couple days after marrying her one true love, Grayson. The two of them were celebrating their marriage on the Caribbean beaches of Antigua when Maggie got the call.

Years later, after swooning over images of Beautifully Born Events’ work on Instagram, Maggie reached out to her childhood friend, Lauren, to ask if she and Grayson could model for any future shoots. Not realizing (but certainly hoping and praying) they were serious, Lauren called on them to fly out from Virginia for a shoot at Sage Lodge in January of 2021. THEY SAID YES! Maggie and Grayson decided to use the money their wedding party gifted them, upon discovering the tragic news that their first honeymoon did not go exactly as planned, on a second honeymoon in Paradise Valley, Montana.

Lauren made sure to roll out the ‘BBE’ red carpet for Maggie and Grayson knowing that they were hoping to replace old memories with new ones in beautiful Big Sky Country. She called on a number of her favorite vendors to put together ceremony and reception dresses, the most refined, yet modern, hair and makeup, a first look opportunity, the ceremony setup and a reception tablescape for the books.

Winter white, purple, peach, pink, and gray hues indicative of being perfectly placed at the foothills of a snow-capped mountain, Emigrant Peak, were utilized for this shoot, and in rooms of the lodge not yet graced by the presence of Sage’s brides and grooms. Since the lodge offers a modern twist on luxury in the wild west, we stressed the importance of imitating that same approach amongst the design elements.

The intricate details of the invitation suite made sure to alert guests that this event was not one to miss. A big, bold ceremony setup framing the views allowed the lobby to uphold its grand feel without it swallowing the ceremony site whole. Velvet linen, delicate floral arrangements and abundant candlelight softened the dark wood in the library at the reception. The cake with its angled tiers made a statement all on its own – there was no need to add florals or greenery to her majesty. Finally, the tux, dresses and accessories tied everything together. That cape though. It stole the show – outside in the wind, while still at the ceremony site and even while Maggie was getting ready in one of the ranch homes. She treated this shoot as if it was her actual wedding day, tears, nerves, excitement and all! She was not alone. Grayson may or may not have teared up during the first look too. This shoot meant a lot to them – More than any of us could possibly ever realize. We vendors were beyond honored to share in those moments with them.

Thank you, Maggie and Grayson, for allowing us to turn an opportunity to capture a winter/early spring wedding at Sage Lodge into an unforgettable second chance at your honeymoon! It was another monumental moment. –Lauren Schoenborn, Beautifully Born Events

"This truly was a Beautifully Born Event. From start to finish. When Lauren asked Grayson and me to be a part of this shoot, it was a no-hesitation, 'HECK YES, FRIEND!' on our end. Of the few things I know to be true in this life, one of them is that time spent with Lauren Schoenborn is time that will always turn into exceptional memories. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. We decided to go all-in and turn the trip into a second honeymoon. I am thrilled to say that this turned out to be the greatest trip of our young lives together. Every single person that Lauren chose to be a part of this shoot was wonderful, and the location could not have been more stunning! I'm not kidding; these beautiful people quickly felt like our family, and I cried more than once taking in the view of Sage Lodge. So to everyone who made this time possible, please know that it was a joy and a privilege to be your winter bride. I am in awe of your talent and grit. I loved getting to know y'all, and I can't wait to work with you again! To the staff of Sage Lodge, thank you for the honeymoon of my dreams! It was the coziest week of my life, and I can't wait to be back by that fireplace! And finally, to the woman who made it happen, the fun master, the most caring person I know, Lauren, thank you! I just adore you. Keep making the magic happen!" –Maggie, the bride


Venue | Sage Lodge

Planning & Design | Beautifully Born Events

Photography | Orange Photographie

Film Lab | Big Sky Film Lab

Floral Design | The Flower Hat

Rentals (Ceremony) | Gallatin Event Rental

Rentals (Reception) | Montana Party Rentals

Linens | La Tavola Linen

Hair & Makeup | Beauty By M

Bride | @shooter.morales


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