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Bowman Lake Engagement In Glacier National Park | Meghan + Donovan

Bowman Lake is a stunning location in Glacier National Park just outside of Polebridge, Montana. Read on to hear Meghan and Donovan's sweet story! Photography by Fotografed: Alex Was Photography.

"I met Donovan the first week of college after he persuaded my roommate to introduce us. We immediately clicked and I had never felt that kind of connection or familiarity with someone before. Not wanting to be in a relationship right at the start of freshman year, I tried to keep our status as “just friends.” He, of course, took this as a challenge. After twenty three days of finding any excuse to see each other, even if it was for two minutes between classes, I finally kissed him. I will never forget his smile that night. We started dating a week later and have been together for more than five years.

On the day Donovan proposed, I thought that I was going to take part in a branding photoshoot with our friend, Aleks Was. She and I had planned to drive down to the Blodgett Canyon trailhead, hike to the overlook, and take pictures along the way. Little did I know, Donovan had borrowed our friend’s truck (so that I wouldn’t recognize the vehicle), gotten to the overlook beforehand to wait for me, and had hired Aleks to document the planned proposal! This plan seemed perfect, except for two crucial facts: 1.) Donovan had never been to the Blodgett Canyon overlook, and 2.) it was March so the trail was covered in snow. Ultimately, he got lost and about a quarter of the way up, so he set up the basket of champagne and was readily awaiting myself and Aleks. As we rounded the corner, Aleks caught a glimpse of Donovan and swiftly averted my attention away towards the valley. Most likely very confused, but unable to change anything now, she motioned for him to get into position whilst still pretending to take pictures of me as part of the “branding photoshoot”. When she instructed me to turn around, I saw my best friend down on one knee. I threw my fake prop bag down and said, “Yes!” to a lifetime of happiness with him. After the excitement and the celebration, Aleks broke the news that this was, in fact, not the overlook. We decided to hike the rest of the way to catch sunset and get some pictures on the cliffs. When we got there Donovan insisted on taking back the ring and re-proposing since that was where he had planned it to be. Again, I said, “yes!” but in a much more scenic location haha! So I believe two proposals are better than one and I know for a fact that my life will always be an adventure!"

What do you love most about one another?

Donovan: "I love Meghan’s enthusiasm for everything. From the outdoors to a cute plant in TJMAXX. The constant awe and happiness will forever be adorable."

Meghan: "I love how Donovan makes the people that he really cares about feel. He loves hard and with intent. I will forever be in awe of the ways he makes people around him feel better for having just known him."

What are your wedding plans?

"Donovan and I are getting married on 10-08-23, our seven year anniversary as a couple, at The White Raven in Alberton, MT."


Photography | Fotographed


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