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Eastern Montana Winter Engagement | Madison + Jesse

Who says winter isn't completely magical? This eastern Montana engagement is here to prove it. Photography by Montana Bride Vendor Jessie Hardy Photography.

"We met at a wedding in Scobey. Although I grew up only two hours away, I had never been to Scobey and honestly didn't even know how to get there. It must have been fate, because we have been together ever since.


Jesse had a very cute proposal planned which entailed him carving, "Will you marry me?" into a big rock on their property. I, however, interfered with this plan and he couldn't get me to drive out there with him that night. Of course I had to be difficult, haha. So, he dropped to one knee in our kitchen that very night with just us and our daughter, because neither of us wanted to wait any longer.


"We were both born and raised in eastern Montana, and couldn't picture having one of our most special days anywhere else. I mean, where else compares to Montana? We are planning on having one big party, and Eastern Montana sure knows how to do it right. We want a day filled with fun and don't want to put too much stress on ourselves or anyone else. We're opting for a mostly traditional ceremony (with exception to our tequila shot unity ceremony) with dancing the night away to follow." –Madison, the bride-to-be


Photography | Jessie Hardy Photography (#MBV)


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