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Western Wedding In Paradise Valley | Kenleigh + Ross

Scroll for the beautiful love story of Kenleigh and Ross unfolding at Chico Hot Springs in Pray, Montana. We love every perfect western detail ... and can never get enough cowboy. Photography by Jen Petritz Photography.

"Love at first sight should be the title of this story ... at least for one of us! It took Kenleigh quite some time to see warm up to me, not even remembering who I was until the third time we met. But, since our first date, she has been more committed to me than anyone I’ve known.

In four years our relationship has seen more twists and turns than many do in a lifetime – surviving two years of college during COVID (quite the adventure for a young relationship), and spending two entire years apart while I began my career in Kansas. We have just about seen every tough situation there is and have seen that there is nothing stronger than the bond we share.

Montana has always been home away from home for Kenleigh. So, after proposing in Montana on December 31, 2021, we always thought about having the wedding in Montana. This gave everyone the experience of a lifetime, while enjoying a wedding!" –Ross, the groom


Photography | Jen Petritz Photography (#MBV)

Dress | Circle Park Bridal Boutique (Dallas, TX)

Her Shoes & Bouquet Wrap | @heidi_wyatt

His Attire | @beckcowboyboots (boots), @doublepsilver (buckle),

@shortyscaboyhattery (hat) Oterside (suspenders), @cinchjeans (jeans)

Floral Design | Flower Garage


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