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Stunning Intimate Wedding In Paradise Valley | Savannah + Alex

It is hard to beat Paradise Valley, Montana. Read on to see more of Savannah and Alex's gorgeous, intimate day at Copper Rose Ranch. Photography by Rachel Scott Photography.

"It all started back in early 2016. Depending on who you ask, our first encounter took place at a bowling alley, an auto shop, or even in Canada, but for the purpose of this story, let's focus on our Canadian encounter. Allow me to transport you back to February 21, 2016, and set the scene for you. Picture one limo, five guys, and Savannah. Alex sported a gnarly black eye and generously ordered nine shots for three people. Meanwhile, Savannah's phone was on the fritz, and her date for the evening had bailed on her. But fear not, dear reader, for the tale does not end there. Alex, throughout the entire night, played the role of Savannah's protector. He ensured she was never alone and her glass remained full. Undoubtedly, he has had her back from the very beginning!

Let's fast forward to August 22, 2021. We found ourselves in North Carolina, celebrating the union of two dear friends. Naturally, we had planned to go hiking during our visit. It was then that Alex discovered the perfect secluded spot on Grandfather Mountain, where he surprised Savannah with a heartfelt proposal. The day couldn't have been more idyllic, and our excitement to embark on this new chapter of our lives together knows no bounds."


"Under endless blue skies and bathed in the warmth of gentle breezes, our dream wedding unfolded at Copper Rose Ranch. This intimate and unique celebration of our love was graced by just 25 cherished guests, each making the journey from Michigan, filling our special day with unforgettable moments and boundless love. Copper Rose Ranch, nestled in a picturesque town, proved to be the ideal setting for our wedding. Its stunning mountain views left everyone in awe, and the presence of charming cabins made it even more exceptional.

With breathtaking mountain views as our witness, we exchanged heartfelt vows, pledging to journey through life together. Our love was sealed with a kiss, met with cheers and applause from our loved ones. And as day turned into night, our celebration continued under the starry sky. Love, laughter, and dancing filled the evening, creating enduring memories with our closest family and friends.

With perfect weather, stunning views, and the presence of Chewy, everything was undeniably perfect. It was a day of love and celebration that we will forever hold close to our hearts." –Savannah, the bride


Venue | Copper Rose Ranch (#MBV)

Bar | Fainting Goat Catering

Cake & Dessert | Just a Taste Catering

Dress & Menswear | Beloved Bridal, Menswear - State & Liberty

Jewelry | Hers - James Allen, His - Jordan Jack

Officiant | Patrick Garland

Planning | Day-Of Coordination, CareFree Events

Bar Napkins | OrfuDesign

ShotSki | DivineDrinkingLLC

Newspapers | JRCprints

Videography | Elevate Media MT


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