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Stunning Summer Wedding on Flathead Lake | Tamara + Mitchell

With planning and design by SG Weddings & Events, this beautiful summer wedding on Flathead Lake has the most swoon-worthy details, and in a lesser-known stunning location at Flathead Lake Forevers. Photography by Katy Shay Photo.

"We first met in Butte, Montana, when we were both attending the university there in 2015. Although we first met at a college party through mutual friends, Mitchell claims he spotted me multiple times during nights out on the town. After many cocktails, Mitchell mustered up the courage to talk to me. It was a quick conversation and an exchange of numbers as his timing couldn’t have been any worse – he was leaving in a few days back to Canada for the summer. After a few months with no interaction, I messaged Mitchell to see if he was back in Butte and if he wanted to go for some drinks. It didn’t take Mitchell long to respond, 'When and where?' Only to get a response from me of, '...and please bring a friend.' When Mitchell and his friend walked through the door, I looked at my friend and said 'Dibs!' Mitchell didn’t realize at the time, but I was trying to set my friend up with him, but that all changed when he walked through the door and I laid eyes on him once again – this time his timing was perfect. We hit it off right away and started dating shortly after and throughout our time in Montana.

In December of 2017, Mitchell graduated and was moving back to Canada, but this time, I was coming with him. We moved to Alberta and in 2019, I got my Canadian Permanent Residency status and graduated from Great Falls College, MSU. We spent many years traveling back and forth to Montana and Saskatchewan to visit friends and family, sharing lots of laughs, memories, and love along the way.

After two years of Covid, reduced travel and fun, Mitchell surprised me on a trip to Banff National Park. He took me to the summit of Sulphur Mountain, found the perfect spot, got down on one knee, and surprised me with a ring and promised forever. I was flooded with tears of excitement – it was by far the easiest 'YES' I have ever said. It was a year of excitement planning our perfect day from then on.

How do we describe our dream wedding day? The feelings of extreme excitement, happiness, blessed, and absolutely the most beautiful memories that will last a life time, all come to mind. It was the most beautiful day filled with everyone we love and who all have a special spot in our hearts. They say your wedding day goes by so fast; it is true, the moments you remember are surreal and almost feel like you are in a different reality. The emotions are pure joy and admiration that a day as perfect as ours almost doesn't seem real.

Our favorite moments were looking around and seeing that the people we were surrounded by were so genuinely happy celebrating our journey that we had just begun. We felt so supported and loved. We both were truly honored to have my father be the one to officiate our wedding; his words of what a marriage is and how it resonated with us, will forever send chills and never be forgotten. From the beautiful weather, elegant décor, and sparkler send off, our wedding was the most magical day of our lives. It was more than we had ever dreamed of. Our wedding was a perfect representation of us as a couple and we will forever be overjoyed with all the memories we made." –Tamara, the bride


Accommodations | Red Lion Polson Inn and Big Arm Resort

Bar & Beverage | SG Weddings & Events (#MBV)

Cake & Dessert | Bernices Bakery (cake) Angie Ashby (cake pops) Scottage Cakery (macaroons)

Catering | Sandy Yakawich

Dresses & Menswear | Anais Anette (bride's dress), Charolotte Mills (bride's shoes),

Birdy Grey (bridesmaid dresses), World of Vici in Calgary, AB (all menswear)

Floral Design | The Rose Petal

Gifts & Favors | Personalized shot glasses made by Kodi Guccione @diywithkodi, soaps made by Mckenna Askin @beautyunleashedmt

Hair & Makeup | Glacier Beauty Co., Madeline Coogler (hair) (#MBV), Rachel Rockwood (makeup)

Music & Entertainment | RMF Entertainment

Officiant | Judge Ben Pezdark, Justice of the Peace, father of the Bride

Photography | Katy Shay Photo

Associate Photographer | J Willis Photography (#MBV)

Planning & Design | SG Weddings & Events (#MBV)

Professional Services | Evanston Insurance Company

Stationery | Esty

Travel & Transportation | Wild Horse Limousine (#MBV)


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