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Stunning Fall Wedding in Billings | Maddie + Kyle

This beautiful couple graces the pages of our Volume 18 magazine, and we're so glad they do. Emotions ran high, smiles were big, and the day was absolutely beautiful. Photography by Montana Bride Vendor Macy Spencer Photography.

“In 2013, my sister’s husband, Scott, wanted to set me up with his cousin, David. I wouldn’t agree to a date until I did a little investigating. While stalking David on Facebook, I started to take note of his really cute friend. (Sorry Davey, you know I love you!) I asked Scott about him and he told me, ‘That is Kyle Madden, and he is untouchable.’ Fast forward five years to 2018. One night I get a call from Scott, attempting to set me up again. But this time, it was with the ‘untouchable’ Kyle Madden. Scott was screaming on the phone for me to come meet Kyle on their family vacation in California. I was hesitant, and said I would think about it. Three days before the trip, I decided to go for it. I went on the vacation, spent four days with Kyle, and the rest is history.

Because it was a 2020 wedding, the atmosphere of love, community and celebration was the best part of the day. Everyone was grateful for the opportunity to be together again and to celebrate something as beautiful as a marriage. The timing of the event felt right even during the difficult times.

Throughout the day, Kyle and I had multiple moments just for us that I will always remember and cherish. The day was a constant adrenaline rush, and having time together allowed us to take a breath, pause, and then really enter in. Also, we wanted our recessional after the ceremony to feel fun and more like us. So we picked one of Kyle’s favorite songs and danced back down the aisle as husband and wife! It was honestly so much fun and definitely set the tone for dancing later that evening!” –Maddie, the bride


bar & beverage | THE WINDMILL & BAR 51


cake & dessert | DANCING OVEN (cake)



TISHA THOMAS (cupcakes; family friend)


dresses & menswear | STEP N’ OUT (bride)




BALTIC BORN (bridesmaids)


JCPENNEY (menswear)


floral design | MAC’S FLORAL


hair & makeup | LYNDE JOHNSON (bridal hair)


KAYLA SERENE (bridesmaids’ hair)




jewelry | BRILLIANT EARTH (engagement ring)




DARETH COLBURN (bridal accessories)


music & entertainment | TOONZ DJ

officiant | CHRIS GRAY



coordinators | LESLI FINCH







stationery | DARILYN BIXENMAN (bride’s aunt)

PENNED DESIGNS (place cards)



videography | SKYLER FINCH



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