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Stunning Fall Bridal Inspiration Near Glacier National Park

A gorgeous gown, perfect florals, and beautiful Montana mountains make this bridal session worthy of your Pinterest boards. Photography by Montana Bride Vendor Jennifer Mooney Photography.

"We met on Bumble and the timing couldn't have been better! Jake was new to Fort Worth after moving from Michigan to start his career. I (Holly) was momentarily back in Texas for a few rotations, then would be moving back to Chicago to finish pharmacy school. If it weren't for Bumble, we likely would have missed the opportunity to meet, whew! We matched and talked for a few months, but communication fell off when both our schedules got busy. After a month or two of not hearing from each other, I suggested we finally meet in person and Jake planned the best first date in Fort Worth. From there we were just attached at the hip, it just clicked!"

"I (Jake) was in Michigan seeing old friends for St.Patty's day when Holly broke the news to me that she matched for a residency program in Montana. Without skipping a beat, I insisted we try doing long distance. It was crazy, we only started seeing each other a few months ago, but she was worth the shot. A couple months later, we drove cross country together so I could help her move to Montana and set up her up for residency. I was taking in the beauty of Montana for the first time and understanding Holly's love for the state. After seeing the Bitterroot Valley and Glacier National Park firsthand, I understood the draw to be here. It was hard for me to leave her there. After that three-day car ride, taking in the beauty – not only around me – but in Holly's soul and understanding her a little more I couldn't help but tell her I loved her."

"I've (Holly) always dreamed of getting married in Montana in the fall. The crisp mountain air, leaves changing all around, and creating an intimate, cozy setting for our loved ones and family was my ideal dream. We made the decision to give ourselves more time to plan and have a spring wedding the next year. Thankfully, we gave ourselves that time because we had no clue a global pandemic was right around the corner! Because our wedding was set for Spring 2021, I decided to schedule bridals with Jennifer, my photographer, in October 2020. My mom and I spent the week in Whitefish for those fall bridals and boy, did the mountains deliver! We had so much fun playing with different colors and textures in my fall bouquet by Mum's Weddings that I wouldn't have used in the Spring."


Photography | Jennifer Mooney Photography (#MBVendor)

Floral Design | Mum's Weddings (#MBVendor)

Dress | Designer: Madi Lane, "Halani" Bridal Shop: A&BÉ Bridal Shop Veil: Sara Gabriel, "Donna"

Jewelry | Engagement ring: Combine International Earrings: Untamed Petals


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