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Beautiful Bridger Mountain Wedding | Sarah + Gethin

A cold, beautiful June day in the Bridger mountains bear Bozeman for Sarah and Gethin, and a love story you won't want to miss. Photography by Ellanora Photography.

"I have known who Gethin is for about three years since I moved to Bozeman. Almost every Sunday, Gethin would be playing drums on stage at church as I watched and admired from the congregation. I knew him as the 'drummer prodigy' (he is an amazing drummer), and I wanted so badly to meet him. About two years later, on one of the worst days of my life, I walked into a coffee shop in sweats and a mask, and there he was. He surprisingly knew exactly who I was, and I had no idea who I was talking to until he told me his name. As I sat down and tried not to stare across the store, we kept making some very awkward eye contact. That night I received a text from an unknown number, and to my surprise it was the boy I had been secretly admiring, who had gotten my number from my sister. After eight months of the most fun I’ve ever had with someone, we headed up to a family friend's property up Springhill (the same place we got married three months later) for 'family photos.' As we drove up I said to myself, 'what if he is proposing right now?' In that moment, I knew that this was the man God had destined for me to spend the rest of my life with. When we drove up the driveway, I didn’t see his family, but I did see our photographer's car. I saw the whole set up and could not believe my eyes. He grabbed my hand, and we walked through the snow as I was losing my mind. It was the sweetest expression of love I had ever experienced. And I said YES!

Our wedding day was probably the coldest I have ever been, but so worth it. It was filled with love and warmth from family, and I wish I could relive the day. It wasn’t rushed, and my amazing bridesmaids were so gracious and kind to me. I felt so much peace. Right before I walked down the aisle, my mother-in-law handed me a gift from Gethin. He had journaled his prayers for me since January of that year, filling up a whole notebook. I read through some of the pages and tears started to fall as I was given clear confirmation once again that this man was a treasure. That was my favorite moment of the day.

We both love Jesus, and our ceremony was completely Christ-centered. We were fulfilling a beautiful covenant that is modeled after Jesus receiving his bride (the church). As we took communion, we looked around at the beautiful snow peaked-mountains and all of our friends witnessing this amazing moment. It was the most special moment of my life. I have never felt so loved by a God that I used to struggle to believe in. I had been shivering in the cold the whole time, but in that moment I was filled with warmth and love. I get chills just writing this. After the ceremony, we braced the cold for pictures and then headed to the reception. We were embraced by family and felt so loved. I am from Montana, and my sister had just gotten married the year before, so my extended family had just recently travelled for that, so only my immediate family was able to make it, but I gained a new family who loved me the whole day." –Sarah, the bride


Photography | Ellanora Photography

Bar & Catering | Gillian Zohner

Cake & Dessert | Cinnone Knight

Dress & Menswear | Plume Bridal

Floral Design | Dolce Floral & Events

Music & Entertainment | Jonathan Habel

Officiant | Aaron Flood

Planning & Design | Dawnell Fuller


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