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WInter Wedding at Copper Rose Ranch | Molly + Dalton

A beautifully modern black and white color palette meets the rustic barn at Copper Rose Ranch. Photography by Ashley Rhian Photography.

"In the summer of 2017, Dalton and I met in Rochester, Minn., as we began our nursing careers together in the Neuroscience ICU at the Mayo Clinic. We found ourselves spending more and more time together hiking and sipping craft beer. Always looking for an adventure, whether it be local or out of state, we had seemed to find it. Camping above the Pictured Rocks of Lake Superior and riding stuffed bulls in Forth Worth, Texas, are a few of the memories we will never forget. Our favorite and most memorable location that we have stumbled across is in Red Wing, Minnesota, where our first date, and many to follow, consisted of hiking the bluff that overlooks the Mississippi River. We always end the 'hike' with a crisp Irish Red at the local Red Wing Brewery. This special place was also the location Dalton asked me to spend the rest of his life with him and of course, I said YES! To this day, we continue to search for adventure together not knowing where the trail will take us. But one thing is certain, that you will always find us elbow to elbow at a local brewery enjoying a pint and reminiscing on the journey that brought us to where we are and where we dream to go." –Molly, the bride