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'Til Death Do Us Party: Bachelorette Bash in Bozeman

Never underestimate the power of tulle, pearls and your bride tribe! Ready for your bachelorette bash but not sure where to start? With tips from Kalispell planner SG Weddings & Events, you’ll be ready to throw a party that works for everyone, with a vibe that’s sure to make it fun. Photography and videography by Opal & Ox Photography & Film.

Make it personal. Ultimately, this party is for the bride to celebrate her last weekend with her babes before the big day! So go to her for ideas on the vibe. Ask her specific questions about how grand or small she’d like the celebration to be and what specific things she’s dreamt of including. Even if it’s not exactly the type of weekend you would throw for yourself, make sure it is tailored to her.

Don’t over-schedule. This is the bride’s last weekend (or close to it) with her besties, so allow for time to just relax, enjoy conversation, and give extra time between each event. Let’s be honest, groups of ladies are rarely on time, so allow for at least 30 minutes prior to each event to be running behind schedule. No event or weekend is fun when there is stress caused by a too-tight timeline!

Create an experience for all guests. This can be hard because the bride has a tribe full of very different

people, but the beauty is they all have one thing in common – her! Don’t hesitate to ask each guest what their dream bachelorette party would look like. Chances are, even a small piece will align and you’ll be able to create space for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. You’re all there for the bride, so it’s going to be a blast no matter what!

Let go of traditional expectations. Traditionally, the bachelorette party is known as the bride’s last night of freedom – a time to party and go crazy before she is tied to one person for the rest of her life. But let’s be real, this night should be about celebrating the beautiful bride-to-be and the couple’s love, however that may look! You could do something unique like a sit-down dinner at home from a private chef, or an end-of-the-night boat cruise watching the stars. There are no rules! You can plan a one-night adventure, an entire weekend getaway, a comedy show in the middle of the afternoon, or a girl’s night on the couch watching 90s flicks and eating popcorn – make it about the memories and the friendships!