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Stunning Proposal At Lake McDonald In Glacier National Park

With picturesque mountain views, Glacier National Park is the prime location for a romantic, Pinterest-worthy proposal. Janette and Collin are case in point. Photography by Amber Lynn Photography.

"Janette and I (Collin) first met in 6th grade at a buddy basketball tournament. We 'dated' for 2 weeks, but realizing that a long-distance relationship at 12 years old was difficult, we decided to break up. We did not see each other for 6 years. I moved to Arizona from Illinois for a little while, and then when I returned to Illinois I ended up transferring to the high school that Janette attended. We quickly bonded over faith, soccer, traveling, and by sharing life experiences. After high school we fundraised to go on mission trips together, and ended up going to the same college. After many Bible studies, game nights, and family functions, we decided it was time to get married.

We made plans to visit Glacier National Park, and I convinced Janette that the occasion called for us to get couple photos. So, I contacted Amber Lynn Photography and booked a date. I informed Amber that I was intending to surprise Janette with a proposal during our shoot. She helped me scheme the surprise. During the middle of our shoot, Amber gave me the signal to walk ahead of her with Janette. We walked towards the end of the dock, and when we got there I got down on one knee and asked Janette to marry me. It was just such an amazing atmosphere with the sun setting, the mountains and water in the background, and the supportive group of people on the beach that applauded us after Janette said yes. We are getting married in June 2021 at Spruce Street Studios, an old remodeled church in Shelbyville, Illinois." – Collin, the groom to-be

What do you love most about one another?

Collin: "I love how generous Janette is. Also, she is very funny/witty, supportive, and has the most beautiful eyes."

Janette: "What I love most about Collin is how big his heart is for the Lord and how that in turn allows him to love others so well. It is the reason I fell in love with him in the first place and why I still love him now."

Photography Amber Lynn Photography | Jewelry Kay Jewelers | Accommodations Whitefish KOA


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