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Glacier Engagement Session | Kylee + Logan

We're loving this adorable couple, the mountain views, and the fun, sassy vibes. Engagement season is here, folks, and we can't get enough! Photography by Montana Bride Vendor Leah Lamberson Photography.

"Logan and I met while attending college at Rocky in Billings. We both lived in the co-ed dorms and saw each other often in the hallways and in class. Slowly we got to know each other and Logan asked me on an official date. We went to dinner and the movies and we both knew from the start that we were beginning something great. We lived together for two years until Logan moved to Choteau, Montana, and we did two years long distance as I finished school. After graduation, I moved to Choteau where we now own a home and are planning to spend our lives together. We're celebrating our 5th dating anniversary this week, on November 4th!

April of 2021 we went on our first vacation together, to Los Cabo, Mexico! We liked to frequent the beachside bars and restaurants, so when Logan suggested hanging out there again one evening, I didn't think twice. Sitting in the sand, watching as the waves of the ocean crept up the beach towards us, I reluctantly was engulfed in the wave and absolutely soaked. Laughing about it, we decided it was probably time to head back to the room to change. As I gathered my bag, Logan mentioned there was something else he wanted to do before leaving. Naively thinking he wanted another margarita, the next thing I knew he was down on one knee, asking that once-in-a-lifetime question!" –Kylee, the bride-to-be

What are your wedding plans?

"We will be getting married in Helena at the Kleffner Ranch in October of 2022. We plan to have a large celebration with all of our family and friends surrounding us, catered by tacos, and filled with lots of dancing."

What do you love most about one another?

"I love how much Logan believes in my dreams and supports me in all of my adventures. How fiercely he cares for those who he loves and is loyal to his family and friends. Logan loves that I am outgoing and that I love to have fun. He also loves that we share common interests and both love to be outdoors together."

Photography | Leah Lamberson Photography (#MBVendor)

Jewelry | Riddle's Jewelry


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