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Fair Engagement Session | Niki + Luke

Looking for a new twist on engagement photos? Your local fair may be the answer. There's a hint of magic to be found among the lights, colors, and movement – and the smiles are guaranteed. Photography and videography by Montana Bride Vendor Capture Now Studios.

"Luke proposed on our two-year anniversary at the restaurant where we met. I had been hoping that he would propose but I did not think it was going to happen. He had hinted a few times but kept reminding me that he couldn’t propose because I hadn’t picked out my ring. I jokingly said “well, use a watermelon ring pop, I don’t care!” Well ... he did propose with a watermelon ring pop, and I have since picked out my dream ring!

Luke thinks that he helped me pick the fair for our engagement photos because he suggested playing the song from Grease as our song to exit the wedding. The truth is that one of my favorite pictures of us inspired the location. Also, there is something so magical about the fair. The lights, the sounds, and the excitement in the air!" –Niki, the bride to be

Photography | Capture Now Studios (#MBVendor)


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