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Dreamy East Glacier Summer Elopement | Destiny + Victor

It was a picture perfect August day in East Glacier for these two and their stunning elopement. Photography by Amber Lynn Photography.

"Victor and I started dating in 2015. We were just two high school kids with no intention of anything serious, but we kept gravitating towards each other. The first night we met at our high school football game, Vic would continuously tap my shoulder and hide behind someone else, which was so annoying to me, ha. But it was the little cutesy flirting for a while until the day we became inseparable – my actual soulmate, for love, but also for friendship.

It’s kind of hard putting into words what being in love feels like. Especially when it happens at such a young age. I can’t remember the exact moment we truly did fall in love, but I do know there hasn’t been a moment I didn’t want to share with him since we did. All I know is that one day in 2020 we flew to Montana for the first time. We watched the snow fall, and right there with the most beautiful view two people from Texas had ever seen, he asked me to be his wife (while crying his eyes out). Montana will forever hold a special place in our hearts."


"I woke up early the morning of our elopement, and tried not to stress. I stepped outside to calm my mind, and the mountains and the sunrise looked back at me. It was truly a perfect day. The drive there I couldn’t believe this was my reality. How lucky were we to be back in our most beloved place for the biggest moment in our relationship, and to celebrate seven years of being in love, and to vow to many more. I want to relive that day over and over. To see him waiting for me with the view we had, and the people we love right behind us, it was incredible. It’s been almost a year and we are still looking back at pictures unable to believe that’s really how we shared our vows and said “I do.”

Eloping in East Glacier was the best choice we have made. No wedding we have ever attended nor will ever attend will make us regret it. We were extremely nervous to be going all the way from Texas to Montana for such a special occasion and never meeting the people we’d be sharing it with. But Amber, Brittanie, and Erin made it feel like catching up with old friends. I can’t gush over them enough. Their work is incredible and so are their personalities!" – Destiny, the bride


Photography | Amber Lynn Photography (#MBV)

Floral Design | Mum's Weddings (#MBV)

Officiant | Marry Me in the MT

Videography | On the Fly Films (#MBV)


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