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Boho GLacier National Park Engagement | Andrea + ANdrew

We're here for all the stunning, windy, boho Glacier National Park engagement vibes. (#yesplease) Plus, don't miss their darling proposal story – read on for the hike that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Photography by Montana Bride Vendor Elsa Eileen Photography.

The Proposal

"We were on a large family trip in Yosemite National Park, California. On the second morning, we planned to do the longest hike of the trip that totaled over 20 miles. It was the hike to the top of Half Dome. Eighteen of us woke up at 4am to get ready and we hit the trail by 5am. As we watched the sun come up, the views were breathtaking. We took several stops along the way for snacks and water and bathroom breaks. Andrew (my boyfriend at the time) and my dad started trailing behind and I really didn't think anything of it – but they are typically in the front of the pack when it comes to hiking. I kept asking where my dad and Andrew were and when they caught up they would have a new excuse or say, 'What's the rush?' I kept up in the front with my uncle and two of my cousins. When we got to the Sub Dome, I felt like I was waiting an hour for Andrew to get there, but I wasn't going to do the cables without him. Little did I know all the trailing behind and going slow had a purpose ...

By the time we got to the Sub Dome, about six people left to go back because of the hike's difficulty. Some others didn't end up going up the cables at all. There was only six of us from the group that did. Andrew and I were the last to get up. By the time we got up, we walked around and took photos of each other but because of the wind, I was ready to leave. Andrew came up with excuses to stay longer, and he wanted to sit down and eat, and lastly he wanted to get a photo together. I started laughing. I was laughing because I was cold and eager to go down and the excuses were making me wonder.

He ended up asking a random guy to take our photo, so we went to 'the diving board' on the top of Half Dome, right on the edge. I was ahead of Andrew, and I turned to the guy taking the photo and saw two photographers, too, and at that moment when I turned to Andrew he was on one knee. We cried instantly and gave all the smooches and squeezes. The guy taking the photo had no idea. It was the happiest moment of my life.

The two photographers were who Andrew hired to hike the whole hike and capture our proposal. They were from Tahoe, California, and they had left at 2am to get to Yosemite to start the hike right after us. They did it all with two large cameras and a bottle of champagne!

It was on this trip when we chose a destination wedding. Someplace that we had been to together, was easy to get to directly and commute when you had arrived, and had stunning lake, glacier, and mountain views. That's when we chose Glacier National Park. One of our favorite places in the whole world. We want our favorite people to experience the love we have for Montana and all the beauty that comes with it." – Andrea, the bride-to-be


Photography | Elsa Eileen Photography (#MBV)


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