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Boho Bozeman Mountain Wedding | Sarah + Sam

We fell in love with Sarah and Sam, their story, their style, and their wedventure. Do you recognize them? You should. They are our amazing couple gracing the cover of our magazine. But their story is much more than just a cover photo. Read on to get their whole story, as featured in Montana Bride, Volume 18. Photography and Videography by Montana Bride Vendor Opal & Ox Photography and Film.


“In January of 2012, Sam and I met at the Crystal Bar in Bozeman during their infamous ‘power hour’ (if you know, you know). I was new to town, and Sam was fresh off the oil rig the night we met. Thinking it would be fun and short-lived due to his work schedule, we traveled, explored, and always hit the ground running when he was home. We moved in together five months after we met and never looked back. Sam had the mountain man vibe I shamelessly loved (and I got lucky that he was actually a nice guy) – and he also laughed at my jokes.

We are always happiest in the mountains. I knew Hyalite Peak would not be an easy place to get to, but we knew it would be worth it. Of our crew of 12, only two others had ever conquered a hike of this distance. After two hail storms, lots of laughs, and a few beers, the 7-mile trek up culminated in gale force winds at Hyalite Lake. Our sunset summit would have to wait until morning. We set up camp and waited out the weather overnight.”


“I had dreamed of a magical, intimate moment with Sam on Hyalite Peak – one more mile up – and we finally made it the next morning. The mountain will forever hold a special place in the hearts of everyone that was on that hike: the crazy weather, the change of schedule, the campfire conversations. Then, the next day was pure love. We wanted to create something unforgettable for all of our people – something to remember forever. We did not exchange vows on that mountaintop. For us, the emotion on top of the peak was a vow in itself, and it left us both perfectly speechless. I am so proud of that moment. It is ours forever.”