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headshot_Red Lodge, MT Elopement + Intimate Wedding Photography Backcountry Bohemians-103.

Heyy, I'm Shay,the owner of Montana Diaries – your Montana-obsessed, full coverage videography + photography team over-serving adventurous couples who love nature and each other. We're all about story-driven, true-to-life, nostalgic video: capturing the beginning of your marriage in movement. I want you to remember the way you both looked, the way you felt, the tiny details you noticed in passing, the words you whispered to one another that would be lost over the howling mountain wind or the roaring waterfall or the white city noise if it weren’t for the microphones clipped, forgotten, to your collars. Forget trends, forget slow motion overly-posed wedding videos, forget posturing — we’re making you a nostalgic home video mixed with an indie film. 


Anddd, you can count on us for intimate, adventurous, true-to-YOU photos: Whether it’s just the two of you, or you have 20ish stragglers tagging along to kick off your marriage with an incredible Montana expedition, my hope is to craft an *experience* that feels like YOU. Think about your greatest adventure, your perfect date, the things you two do together that make you feel the most alive and authentic.

Let's plan for the memory, not just the vows and pretty pictures. Think about EXACTLY what you want or what you would do on the loveliest weekend getaway you can dream up — a vision that makes you smile. Pancakes and coffee in your pj's all day before an evening vow exchange, adventures, fishing, picnic, it literally doesn't matter...I’m just a third wheel. Finally, wedding planning shouldn’t be stressful — if it doesn’t feel good, let that thing go.

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  • Based in Northwest Montana & Glacier National Park → Always down for a trip

  • Story-driven, warm style that honors Montana greens 

  • Film = home video mixed w/ indie film

  • Experience and FUN > posing all day



"ABSOLUTELY PERFECT EXPERIENCE. We stumbled upon Shayna's work after searching for photographers and videographers separately for days ... to hire both separately seemed like such a hassle and not to mention extremely expensive. When we stumbled upon her work we knew she was IT even before we had our first call. Our wedding dream was a small elopement in the mountains on our 10-year anniversary with just us and our two kids. We wanted it to be simple, carefree, easy, no pressure and to have breathtaking views. Shayna helped us provide exactly what we wanted, we used both a hair & makeup stylist & a baker that she recommended and both were wonderful businesses that provided seamless experiences too. She was also extremely knowledgeable about the GNP area and worked with us to find the right location, in addition she also knew what times of day would be highest and lowest traffic to help coordinate the easiest experience. Although everything felt just right, I was a little nervous the day of that we wouldn't come off authentic with a camera on us, but Shayna and her husband made us feel comfortable and beautiful and they felt like our friends, we barely noticed the cameras. When we received the photos and video my husband and I were completely BLOWN AWAY at how perfectly she captured our little family. The transitions in her videos are seamless and show us all in a way that is truly authentic to our family. The way she captured our children is unbelievable. I tear up every time I watch it. I am thankful that we will have our wedding video and photos as a keepsake for years to come and that we can pass them on to our children too. HIGHLY recommend Montana Diaries and Shayna as person because she professional, kind, understanding, pays attention to detail and is a force to rekon with in her field."

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