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• Located in Whitefish and owned by Dr. Janna Hibler, ND, MS Nutrition
• Customizable packages for 6 months, 3 months, and one month before your wedding day
• Offering on-site IV therapy with custom drips available for day-of and throughout your wedding weekend
• Montana Bride Wellness offers a full team of woman practitioners ready to offer you complete, compassionate care

Welcome to your premiere bridal wellness service, Montana Bride Wellness! Owned and operated by Dr. Janna Hibler, ND, MS Nutrition, Montana Bride Wellness is the official wellness branch of Montana Bride! We have a beautiful team of women that will help you GLOW, from the inside out with customized wellness packages to help make your wedding day dreamy!

Six, three or one month before your wedding we can help you with weight loss, fertility planning, hormone balancing, mood, sleep, stress management, gut health, and more. Our team of practitioners include functional medicine doctors, registered dietitians, health coaches, and fitness instructors.

During your wedding weekend, we offer IV Therapy for energy, stress, immunity, glow (hair, skin and nails), metabolism, performance, and recovery. We can prescribe juice blends for glowing skin, energy, inflammation, detox, and immunity, and medicinal tea blends for stress, sleep, energy, hormones, and immunity. We offer on-site coaching for emotional support, yoga, meditation, high-intensity interval training, and adventure guides. Get in touch with us today to start feeling your best!


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“I’ve had irregular periods for years, and was told I may not be able to have kids naturally. Then I met Dr. Hibler who specializes in women’s health. She did an extensive visit with me, and got to the root cause of my imbalance. I ended up getting pregnant when we weren’t even trying! I’m so grateful I started IV therapy with her.” Kaley, 25

"Dr. Hibler is magic! Unlike most doctors, she truly listens, and cares. After an extended visit together, we came up with a personalized treatment plan that fits into my lifestyle. She helped me understand what was going on with my body. My gut health issues have completely gone away, and I’ve never felt so inspired, and empowered about my health." Jessica, 31

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