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Wellness Wednesday: Natural Ways to Manage Stress

We all know planning a wedding is stressful. Read on to learn from Dr. Janna Hibler about natural ways to help your body adapt to the added stress. Dr. Hibler is a Functional Medicine Doctor who utilizes speciality testing and natural therapies to attend to the root cause. For more information and to book services, visit Montana Bride Wellness and follow along at @montana_bride_wellness for more tips! Watch for more from our wellness series coming soon!

Cortisol, the stress hormone, is released when you have a lot going on. Even with the most supportive team, a bride can still experience some stress leading up to her wedding. Awareness is key, so it doesn’t negatively impact your health!

When cortisol increases, so does estrogen, which can lead to anxiety, nervousness, and irritability. It can also slow down your metabolism, throw off your period, and decrease your immune system. The good news is that there are natural ways to help your body adapt to stress, such as exercise, vitamins, minerals, and botanical medicine. Some of my favorite botanical teas, that can promote relaxation, include include aswagandha, schisandra, chamomile, passion flower, and holy basil. 

Get in touch with Dr. Hibler at @montana_bride_wellness to learn more about managing your stress!


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