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Intimate Missoula Summer Wedding | Britt + Nick

Covid may have tried to derail their dreams of a Montana wedding, but in the end, love won. Photography by Nicole Ashley Photography.

"We met after college through mutual friends. Although Nick tells stories of seeing me at different times during college, we will never know. Long story short, my little sister got engaged when Nick was wanting to propose. So he felt like he needed to hold off to let her have her time to celebrate. However, my Grandma Boo, was passing away with cancer. Grandma Boo was my person, and Nick knew it. So he picked me up from work one Friday night. We were on the way to my co-worker's going away party, which I had planned. Nick works at the North Dakota State Capitol. He has brought me up to the roof of the Capitol building a couple of times, and he wanted me to see something on top of the roof again. (It is currently the tallest building in North Dakota. I am very afraid of heights, and I needed to get to this going away party – and it was raining and windy – which doesn't mix well with a fear of heights. But I puffed out my chest because he really wanted to show me. I was feeling super rushed but was trying to be a good sport. He gave me binoculars, and told me where to look. As I tried to spot what he was telling me about, I turned around to tell him that I couldn't see it, and he was down on one knee. I had no idea it was coming, and my undone nails would prove it. So, we got engaged on top of the tallest building in North Dakota!

I am a Covid bride. You know the saying, 'You will look back at this and laugh one day'? Well, I am still not there yet. Our wedding was supposed to be in June in Montana, but not knowing what would happen with Covid, we postponed it until August. Which, until the day of the wedding I was nervous that it wouldn't happen. Two weeks before the wedding, I was thinking of either postponing it again, or moving it back to North Dakota. My mom broke her foot, my grandma had hip replacement surgery (with an 18 hour drive for them to Montana), my sister was pregnant (Covid concerns), our brothers couldn't get off work because of travel with Covid. There were so many other things that went wrong, and I remember thinking 'I should write all these down, because I feel like I am living a horrible rom com right now.'

However, we were so happy we just did it. Montana is our favorite place in the world, which is why we wanted to get married there. The wedding was small, but we had those there that we love the most. Every one was safe, and no one got sick. It was so beautiful too, because everyone had been quarantined for so long. It was a beautiful, temporary (and safe) escape from the pandemic, for just a day. It was so good for everyone's hearts. We were and are so blessed. After planning a wedding during a worldwide pandemic, my husband and I know now that we can make it through any obstacle together." – Britt, the bride