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Urban Spring Wedding In Downtown Billings

Megan and Zane's Billings wedding is full of urban vibes and a modern mood that we love. Photography by Montana Bride Vendor Collective member Amber Renee Photography.

"We met very authentically at a wedding in Red Lodge. I was the gal wearing a bright blue dress, and he was the tall guy in cowboy boots and Wranglers. Zane's first words to me went a little like, 'Hi, miss. I'm Zane Spoklie. I live and farm in Antelope, Montana, and I'm never moving.' Have you ever heard of Antelope? Yeah, I hadn't either. At first struck by his blunt approach to a meeting, I gave him a chance on the dance floor. Oh ladies! This guy knocked my socks off. I think my life literally flashed before my eyes as he was tossing and flipping me this way and that!

I had just bought and spent six months gutting and remodeling a house in Billings prior to our meeting. Zane and I met the week I was finally able to move into that house. Isn't timing a funny thing? Many miles were put on vehicles between Billings and Antelope in our first year. I have no shame in admitting that I had to Google what a 'combine' was before my first visit up to the northeast corner of the state. We farm durum, peas, and lentils, and our work and lifestyle are exceptionally rewarding. I quickly learned that life on the farm is anything but simple, yet hard work in the spring through fall allows you to play a tiny bit in the winter!

Growing up near the mountains, my family snowmobiled many wintery weekends. Zane and I were pleasantly surprised that we shared a love for this hobby. He proposed after a weekend of riding sleds in the Bighorn and Beartooth Mountains. Although my family deems him a traitor for riding a Polaris while we all ride Ski-Doo, I joyously accepted his proposal in hopes of him eventually realizing and changing his misguided Polaris-riding ways.

Under the layers of my wedding dress, I incorporated a piece of the blue dress that I was wearing the day we met as my 'something blue.' To this day Zane still calls me 'his girl in the blue dress.' As a mountain-loving city gal and a prairie-born country guy, we are thankful to have randomly crossed paths. We are grateful and humbled to live the life we do surrounded by the support of our small community. Family and friends mean everything to us, and we are incredibly excited for all the memories ahead as we begin our lives together on the farm." - Megan, the bride