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Hi, I'm David! I'm a documentary wedding photographer who believes in real, raw, emotional photography. I have traveled and lived in many countries and states, always pursuing adventure and good stories. This is how I came to be a wedding photographer: every family's story is unique and I love making it visual. I bring a creative, candid and unposed approach to your wedding day to capture both the feeling of your relationship and the emotion and moments when your two families come together. I specialize in photographing couples who don't like being photographed. Inclusive and fully vaccinated.



• Candid and unposed
• True-to-life colors and timeless black-and-whites
• Wedding Photojournalist Association's #1 Ranked Photographer in the U.S.

"How do I begin to thank you? I'll start by saying you were the first and only decision that I felt certain of during the entire wedding planning process and you exceeded my expectations. I won't lie, I was intimidated by the stunning landscapes and perfectly unposed people in your portfolio. I was fearful of whether we would be able to provide quality photographic content for you. But you truly are so talented, you find beauty in the messy, unflattering chaos of life. It's real and it's raw and that is art.

Because of your style, I was also able to relax about potentially embarrassing family members or lack of aesthetically pleasing details. I was so worried about my dysfunctional parents, the unfinished barn, and only being able to afford rental plastic foldable chairs – Hah! I laugh at myself now that I am removed from wedding planning. The meaning, emotion, and energy of the day was most important to me, and you captured that beautifully."

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