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Hey there, I'm Ahlani!

I specialize in weddings and elopements in western Montana, including Glacier National Park and Missoula.

I’m a big believer that every couple deserves to have a wedding day that speaks to them — whether that’s hiking up a mountain for an intimate sunrise ceremony or saying your vows in front of a hundred of your favorite people at the wedding venue of your dreams.

The best photos aren't the ones you pose for, they're the ones you're living in! The little moments are just as important as the big ones and you’ll want to remember it all when you’re older and grayer and still super in love.



• I'm a Glacier National Park EXPERT! I know all the best trails, how to avoid the crowds, and everything about the permit systems.
• Always down for an adventure - hiking? biking? skiing? Count me in.
• Candid photos are my jam! Let's forget the camera is there and experience this wild moment together.
• My editing style is very true-to-color so your photos will look exactly like your memories!
• No travel fees for weddings and elopements in Montana.

"Ahlani - Thank you for planning and coordinating the most perfect day for us. From our first phone call in January to our elopement in September, you made everything easy and natural like we’d known you for years. There was never a moment where we didn’t trust you knew us and knew what we wanted for our day. Your amazing photos will remind us that the day was truly a reality, something we don’t quite believe still. You are incredibly talented, Ahlani. We are grateful we got to know you and have you as a huge part of our day."

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