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Weddings can take on a life of their own. You may feel pressure as a couple to conform to standards that don’t match who you actually are. You may start to feel doubtful, unsteady or even resentful. Don’t get roped in to other people’s dream weddings. Buck tradition and create your own!

Anchor your love with ritual and live happily ever after. Ceremony is central so keep in mind: There is no right way. There is your way.

I’m Audrey Hyvonen, a trained celebrant and inclusive wedding officiant. I do wedding ceremonies and I can’t wait to meet you. I’m eager to say hello and learn how I can support your celebration!



• Loads of support for the folks who shake in their boots around public speaking, aisle walking and tear control
• Simplified options: sidewalk signing, classic sweet and simple ceremony, bespoke custom ceremony
• Zoom calls! which allow for all of the planning from far away
• 100-mile round-trip travel included
• Guidance and feedback for the option to “Write Your Own Vows That Wow”

"What a soulful, dedicated, and joyful celebrant! From the start, we trusted Audrey to help us create an unforgettable ceremony and ease our worries. No matter how wrapped we were in planning, Audrey provided compassionate support and guidance throughout the process. She helped craft our processional to ensure smooth logistics and provided gentle nudges/encouragement to complete our vows. (Helpful and desired accountability!)

On our wedding day, Audrey brought her warm energy to our beautiful ceremony following surprise rain. At the altar, she enchanted everyone with a “reverence and whimsical” way of capturing our love story and values with meaningful intention. There were laughs and tears. Friends and family have remarked that our ceremony and wedding was one of the most beautiful celebrations they have ever witnessed. Details matter to both of us, and Audrey fully delivered. We couldn’t have asked for a more lovely celebrant to help us transition into our next chapter. Thank you, Audrey!"

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