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"It is impossible to put into words how thankful we are for all that you have done for us! Jonson and I are so unbelievably happy with our amazingly beautiful photos and the incredible experience of working with Lovelight. You two went far beyond our wildest dreams for a photographer! I cannot imagine having anyone else at our wedding. Your sweet, genuine, fun and faith-filled spirits were a perfect addition to our special day. We feel honored and blessed to have had you be a part of our story! Your souls are beautiful, your photos are beautiful and your presence was truly a gift. Thank you again for making us feel so loved and for bringing so much joy to this experience!" 


  • People first, photographers second: Your joy and happiness matter more to us than your photos, but we promise those will be stunning, too.

  • Keeping it real: Your wedding day will be perfectly imperfect, but we’ll work darn hard to keep it fun.

  • Rule Breaking: We’ll constantly encourage you to follow your own hearts and do what makes you & your partner happy! Elopement, anyone?!

  • Unbiased Guidance + Communication: we have tons of advice, ideas and solutions whenever you need it.

  • Witty Banter Guaranteed: We’re going to laugh a whole heck of a lot.

  • Bodyguard Services: Listen, if your notorious aunt Ida is mean to you, she. will. be. managed. Only happy tears allowed under our watch.

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So nice to meet you! We’re storytellers, artists and adventurers who live for dreamy, romantic light, clean, natural color and the kind of raw emotion that sets the soul on fire. Give us all the wide open spaces and wide open hearts! But artistry aside, we’re just real people who love real people. Your life and your love are beautiful, singular & spectacular; and it’s an incredible honor to be trusted with your minutes and memories. We take that pretty seriously. We promise to be present. To be fun. To be kind. To be a source of calm in the beautiful storm. We’re going to laugh a lot together. We’re going to cry with you. Real love has that effect! Truth be told, we’ll get outrageously invested in your joy. And if you're stressed, we’re going to try & help you recenter with grace & gentleness. If that fails, we're breaking out the emergency wine. We’re more than just your photographers – we're hilarious, down-to-earth humans and we genuinely love our couples for life. We don’t just want to tell your story, we want to be a part of it!

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