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Why hello! I'm Joanna. I have a terrible  obsession with adventure and the outdoors. I think sometimes I should just move out there. That might be a little extreme, but seriously. On my “off” time I love hiking (sometimes off trail), hunting (my mind is totally not here during hunting season), swimming (even polar plunging in the winter), camping, ice-skating, snowboarding, running, and driving around in the mountains. I originally became interested in photography while attending broadcasting school. I learned principles of photography from video class and applied those to pictures. In 2016, before the birth of my third baby, I quit my day job at the radio station and pursued photography full-time. I am passionate about telling the story of  your life through a lens. I think every person is unique, and I love  people. I have always loved the stories that each of us has within us. I want to help you remember your story and tell it to future  generations. I’m based in Kalispell, Montana; but always and forever up for a good travel – in or outside of the country.

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  • A real adventure coming your way. I promise whatever you choose for your day, it'll be fun!

  • Extensive knowledge of Glacier National Park. I can help you find the hidden gems.

  • Willing and able to hike to all of the places

  • Prompts that will make your photos fun! Who wants to feel awkward during this process?

  • Colorful photos. I love to capture the color and beauty of those mountains!


"Joanna was super informative and helpful throughout the process of our elopement. She helped us find a perfect place for our ceremony and she found us a beautiful spot for extra photos! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a friendly, fun and very energetic photographer! Even my husband said she made the process so much less stressful and more fun! She knows the area of Glacier very well!"

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