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At Field Five Flowers we center intentional, elevated, art-forward design, garden-inspired arrangements, and florals that make you feel connected, valued, and celebrated. To ensure each event is given focused energy, attention to detail, and highly curated design, we take on a limited number of weddings and events each year. Throughout a collaborative process, we work diligently with and for you to create a cohesive and impactful vision, inspired by your narrative. Each design is carefully curated, reflecting the natural language of the flowers we work with, inspired by botanical seasonality, natural hues, mood, and texture from art, nature, fashion, and culture.

We source as locally as we can; most of the floral and fauna used are grown organically on our Montana family farm. When we need to, we look to our farm neighbors and order specialty varieties that can’t be grown in our climate or are otherwise unavailable. We also put a strong emphasis on sustainability and are devoted to minimizing waste by reusing environmentally conscious mechanics and composting responsibly.



• Our Bespoke floral artistry offers an immersive and sensory experience with large-scale floral installations, elevating any space and event with intention and sophistication.
• Every event palette is custom and carefully curated. We inspire to design directly from nature, while also taking inspiration from the overall vision. Embracing a more refined approach of visual gradients or color scales to create dimension, depth, and interest to each arrangement.
• We offer intentional and collaborative event and tablescape styling with our design studio: Nectar Tap Studio.
• We curate and enjoy growing flowers specific for each event. Our flower farm produces blooms from February until October.
• Our flower farm also offers private wedding u-picks and à la carte design; perfect for elopements, micro weddings, and small events.

"We chose to get married in rural Montana for the way its raw and vast scenery made us feel ... connected to one another and to spaces that we feel most at home. We were unsure how florals might enhance a space already so beautiful – until we met Bethany. Bethany truly created MAGIC. Her creativity and talent absolutely exceeded any expectations that we could have for the space we hoped to create for our guests. She translated what I struggled to articulate into art. She sourced materials from the surrounding land in a way that highlighted the true beauty of where we were – setting a scene which only heightened all of the best parts of Montana's outdoors. Bethany and her team spent an incredible amount of time, energy, and attention to detail bringing her unique vision to life. It was not lost on us and our families that they worked tirelessly to create this dream for us, and they were happy to be there. A camaraderie and shared passion for what they do was felt by us all, and I can say was appreciated beyond words. I can’t thank Bethany enough for her investment in the best day of our lives. As the bride who thought 'maybe I don’t need flowers at my wedding,' Field Five Flowers created one of my very favorite parts of the experience and is something I remember most fondly."

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