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It's your girl, Dina! I'm a Montana-based intimate wedding and elopement photographer for wild and whimsical couples in love. Golden light, sweeping views, wild blooms and real, raw moments ring all my wedding bells! I have a heart for God, people and adventure. So, making new friends and celebrating love through creative story telling is something I feel incredibly blessed to do!

  • Instagram
  • Intimate wedding and adventure elopement photography

  • Full-service design and planning for all-inclusive elopements

  • Loves to hike

  • Also offering officiating services


"There are photographers and then there are cinematographers. Those rare special people who are true artists capable of not just capturing a special moment, but using lighting, angles, and everything that makes up the moment, to transform it into something magical. Dina Remi is that artist. You don’t have to take just my word for it; we have hundreds of comments on all of our wedding photos to back it up. Not just your gratuitous 'you look beautiful' and 'lovely pictures', but genuine comments from people stunned by the beauty Dina produced. An assortment of my favorites (from non-family members): 'I mean, can I frame this to put in my house,' 'I have never seen more stunning or romantic wedding pictures,' 'These should be in a magazine,' 'It looks like a movie poster and I want to see this movie!,' 'These are magical!' Sure, she has the back drop of Glacier National Park to give her a leg up on that magic, but I know she could get those same results anywhere. I am not even kidding when I say I want to do a shoot with her in an old laundromat. Beyond Dina’s remarkable talent, she is a fantastic person and partner in the process. She integrated herself into our intimate group like a long-time friend. She was a veritable Eagle Scout in her level of preparedness for alternative locations, dress mishaps, and wedding party crashers. She will make you laugh and make you feel beautiful all while gracefully navigating through everyone’s emotions. I highly recommend – neigh, I implore you, to do yourself the biggest solid and choose to share any of your treasured moments with Dina. She will go above and beyond to deliver for you. She is pretty much the Willy Wonka of photography fantasies."

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