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  • The work of 70+ designers from our very own studio and around the globe. Artisanal creations as opposed to mass-production.

  • Custom design is a cornerstone of our business, and we make the process fun and interactive – or so we've been told! And we are happy to virtually design with you "across the miles"– and do so often.

  • Gemologists to assist you with loose diamonds, Yogo and Montana sapphires, and other gems both traditional and unusual. We love to help you learn!

  • Our gallery has won national awards in both retailing and designer jewelry selection; our designers are national and international design winners. All that, wrapped up in a package of friendliness.

  • No McJewelry here. Whether an original idea from your own imagination or just a twist on a classic, rest assured you won't see your ring on someone else's finger.

Howdy, pod'ner! When we "pod'ner up" with you, we start with you. You are looking for today’s innovative expert jeweler, not yesterday’s McJeweler. Our mission, “Making you the jewelry hero,” informs every decision made by the Alara team. Whether related to how you are served and the special services offered, to the ethical sourcing of metals and gems, we navigate the intersection of Old World craftsmanship and New World technology. To our mission’s end, we passionately seek, provide, and create aesthetically innovative fine jewelry, in an environment that blends our serious commitment to technical expertise with a sense of joy and fun. We are here to not just make the jewels of your dreams, but to educate and guide you through the process, so the experience is both engaging (no pun intended!) and positive.

Our design awards are many – so know our custom expertise is at the ready to make the two most important judges happy: you and your sweetie. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or wanting us to incorporate your inherited or existing gems, we’re delighted to build your dream ring. If having a variety of styles to view in person is more your speed, our curated collection includes the work of 70+ designers. Browsing our gallery will inspire you to explore and think outside the McJewelry box. It’s a shame that jewelry shopping has a reputation for being dull, dry, pushy, or scary. Things this beautiful should be paired with service that involves listening and education – not selling or pushing. We warmly invite you to experience Alara for yourself.

"The owner and staff went above and beyond to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for us. From the start, they helped design a ring within budget and they had the utmost professionalism and kindness throughout the entire process.100/10 would recommend to anyone looking to purchase or design a masterpiece. We have found our new jeweler and will continue to use them for as long as we live in Montana. Thank you Alara Jewelry for making our vision come to life – it is more beautiful than I can put into words!"

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